Maritime Law Institutions

Maritime Law InstitutionsSome of the main Maritime Law Institutions

The Maritime Law website will provide articles, news, posts and comments related with tas many as possible Maritime Law institutios, in particular:

  • After-sales services and disencumbrance of vessels
  • Banking management, deposits and price-related payments
  • Cancellation and nullity of maritime law contract clauses
  • Carriage of goods by sea contracts documented in bill of ladings
  • Chartering (voyage time and bareboat charters) and leasing of vessels
  • Claims for personal and material loss
  • Classification and valuation of vessels
  • Collisions
  • Commercial contracts in general
  • Comprehensive advice to Shipping companies and Agents (Civil, Commercial and Maritime Law)
  • Construction and financing of vessels
  • Delays and other conflicts relating to voyage charter and time charters (Lay/Can)
  • Grounding and sinking
  • Hull and machinery marine insurance according with Maritime Law
  • International sale and purchase contracts
  • Latent defects and fitness of vessels
  • Liability of the ship-owner within Shipping and Maritime Law
  • Losses and other accidents specific to Shipping and Maritime Law
  • Marine discoveries
  • Marine insurance and general average
  • Marine Insurance of goods/cargoes
  • Maritime Shipping and Admiralty Law
  • Mortgages, charges and liens on vessels
  • National and international administrative sanctions (tariffs, pollution and other ship detention causes)
  • On-hire and off-hire
  • P&I Clubs and legal defense cover (FD&D, Freight, Demurrage and Defense, etc.)
  • Pollution by vessels (at beth or in navigation)
  • Pollution of the marine environment
  • Port towing and transportation towing (ocean towing)
  • Registration of vessels and flagging
  • Sale and purchase of vessels
  • Salvage and special marine towing contracts
  • Seaworthiness and unseaworthiness of vessels within Maritime Law
  • Ship wreck or break-up of vessels
  • Special Maritime Law insurance clauses (war risk, loss of earnings)

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