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Maritime Law Forum | Maritime Lawyer's ForumThe Maritime Law of Shipping and Maritime Lawyers’ forum project

The aim of the Maritime Lawyers’ forum project is to be a portal to high-quality Maritime Law information for both the Spanish-speaking community and internationally the English one. The Maritime Law Forum platform would aim to go even further that, with the aid of CIT tools. We are talking about a blog in English and a web 3.0 site in the future. Publishers from around the world (Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, UK, USA, etc.) would write news content on Maritime Law. This will attract the attention of people involved in various other maritime activities.

If we manage to obtain the help requested, English, Spanish and international universities, associations and companies within the international maritime sector will take part in the initial development of the Maritime Law forum. This is the free version of it, as there will be a second, “low-cost” phase of the project, with an on-line platform for the contracting of marine services. Our idea for the future is that the platform will be organised into categories and sub-categories. There will be 45 main categories, and around 400 sub-categories (go to main maritime categories and sub-categories). The Maritime Law Forum platform will grant registered users access to various services and communication technologies, including in particular:

  • A blog of articles and legal news with key content for each activity and business. The blog will be developed through an international network of collaborating publishers – all Maritime Lawyers, Solicitor and Professors – specialising in Transport, Shipping, Admiralty and Maritime Law and other connected disciplines. Articles will be archived, ready to be consulted in both the summary entry version and the full version within the manuals area of the library. This will be the heart of the Maritime Law Forum multisite.
  • Organisation of RSS and news feeds specialising in the maritime industry, all the way up to producing the sector review Maritime Law Class online magazine.
  • In a way that is easy and free of charge for registered users, they can create their own “profile or cataloblog” within the Maritime Law Blogs Network. This is a simple blog in the form of a catalogue of services, with each user having their own sub-domain. There will be a Directory of registered users. This will enable each user and company to be located within the whole set of information, by means of search tools and systems of location by category, using registered names.
  • Form part of a 3.0 Maritime Professional Social Network (similar to a private maritime LinkedIn or Facebook). There will also be a system of web messaging, where users can send one another messages and create new private groups.
  • Have a lawyers’ Answers and Questions (FAQ) forum, essentially on Maritime Law, organised into maritime categories and activities. The community can establish relationships within this Maritime Law Forum.
  • E-commerce tools for the sale of textbooks, articles, services, etc., with secure and verified methods of electronic payment and procurement.
  • E-learning applications for on-line training (on-line seminars – webinars – and longer courses). Also a jobs area (maritime jobs offered and sought, negotiated via specialised portals), etc.
  • A maritime channel providing: various on-line communication and tele-working (multi-video conferencing) tools. Also access to a multi-media area, with a video blog section, and on-line re-transmission of events, conferences and presentations.
  • On-line advertising for announcing events, fairs and conferences. It will be possible to book banner space on the portal, and take part in various affiliate programmes.

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The technology, development and positioning of the maritime law network have been well studied and analysed for over a year. This has been done alongside technical experts in the development of projects on the Internet. We will work with several Spanish and UK universities, and with local companies that specialise in the development of technology of this type.

The Maritime Law forum, a Maritime Law platform, will be published in several languages: Spanish and English initially. It will start off free of charge, until there are enough people registered. The second phase of the project will then start, with a mixed free and low-cost payment system, and with more applications and services planned. It will thus become a centre for the promotion of international marine services (with verification of operations arranged through the maritime network).

Please visit this Maritime Law website. From it we aim to create a Maritime Lawyer’s Forum and an Arbitrators’ forum specialising in Shipping and Maritime Law. This new Maritime Law Forum will bring together all professionals within the sector in a simpler manner.