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Maximiliano Navas - Maritime Law

PhD Faculty of Law, University of Seville and Maritime Law Solicitor, Arbitrator and Mediator | BSc Nautical and Transport, Master Mariner, unlimited

The Maritime Law Solicitor Maximiliano Navas (LLB) has a Doctorate in Law from the University of Seville (2012, in Commercial and Maritime Law PhD). He also has a Masters in Maritime law from the European Institute of Maritime Studies (IEEM) and CEU San Pablo University in Madrid (LLM). In addition, he has a degree in Nautical Sciences and Maritime Transport from the University of Cadiz (BSc, Faculty of Nautical Sciences). Dr Navas is also a Captain in the Spanish Merchant Navy (Master Mariner, unlimited), and an INESE Senior Marine Surveyor. He is fluent in English and has the International Legal English Certificate (ILEC).

His doctoral thesis (now book), on Seaworthiness of vessels within International Maritime Law was published by the Basque Government of Spain last October 2013.  It is a comprehensive treatise of 1,098 pages on the public law and private law aspects/frameworks for this essential ship-owners obligation.

Professionally, Dr. Maximiliano Navas has been working with ships for a number of years, and has carried out inspections of both vessels and on-shore cargoes. He is currently the head of this practice, Maritime Shipping GMM Law Firm, which he himself started in 1995.

He works as a Maritime Law Solicitor under the auspices of the Bar Association of Huelva (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Huelva, lawyer’s reg. no. 1418). Dr. Navas is also a reputable Civil and Commercial Mediator and International Maritime Arbitrator.

GMM Maritime Shipping Law Firm has engaged in very successful defence actions within maritime cases before local and national level courts. It has regularly carried out inspections of vessels and cargoes, and expert damage assessments. It has also investigated losses deriving from marine accidents, among other activities relating to the maritime industry. Being both a Maritime Law Solicitor and a Merchant Navy Captain, [Dr. Navas] provides his legal and marine management services wherever they may be needed.

Maximiliano Navas is a member of the Spanish Maritime Law Association (AEDM – International Maritime Committee – Spain) Board Member – Andalusian Commitee, the Ibero-American Institute of Maritime Law (IIDM), the European Maritime Law Organisation (EMLO), the International Bar Association (IBA – Maritime and Transport Law Committee, and Arbitration and Mediation Committee), the Alumni Association of Colegio Mayor Universitario, CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, the Royal Columbus Society (Real Sociedad Colombina Onubense, 1895), the Royal Bellavista Golf Club (1916) and the (Royal Maritime and Tennis Club of Punta Umbria (Real Club Marítimo y Tenis de Punta Umbría, Huelva, 1949).

Of his many hobbies, the following stand out: sailing, cruiser racing, mountain biking, scuba diving, alpine skiing, squash, falconry and the Spanish guitar.

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