EU Maritime Law Directives and Regulations

Maritime Law EU Directives and RegulationsNon-exhaustive list of some EU Maritime Law Directives and Regulations

Attached below is a non-exhaustive list of some EU directives relevant to maritime law published between late 2012 and 2013 principiuos (in descending order, according to the official date of occurrence).

EU Directives ans Regulations related with Maritime Law

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Maritime Law: News themes

Maritime Law - Construction and Sale of VesselsWe want to start our Maritime Law news with the list of the main themes. You could post your articles and news on Shipping, Admiralty and Maritime Law, in particular:

  • The vessel
  • Construction of vessels
  • Sale and purchase of vessels
  • Registration of vessels and flagging
  • Charter parties (voyage, time and bareboat charters) and leasing of vessels
  • Passenger contracts
  • Port towing and transportation towing (ocean towing)
  • Salvage (special marine towing contracts)
  • Carriage of goods by sea contracts documented in bill of ladings or similar
  • Maritime and vessel safety (Pollution of the marine environment, National and international administrative sanctions (tariffs, pollution and other ship detention causes)
  • Seaworthiness and unseaworthiness of vessels within Maritime Shipping Law (Latent defects and fitness of vessels: seaworthiness, cargoworthiness and human factor)
  • Marine insurance and general average (P&I Clubs, Hull and machinery and cargo, Losses and other accidents specific to Maritime Shipping Law)

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