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Maritime Law - HomeMaritime Law: the initial stages of an information, marketing and contact network for professionals within the international Maritime Law sector

We are pretending to develop a new Maritime Law web site, and a new Maritime Law network of websites and blogs on an on-going basis at With these resources we want to bring the maritime law community together into a much closer mutual relationship.

And, in the near future, we will intend to do this throughout the entire maritime industry, not only among Maritime Law, Solicitors  and Lawyer, but also the other maritime professionals. The aim is for this Maritime Lawyer’s forum, led by experts in Maritime, Shipping and Admiralty Law, to become the point of contact for the more than 45 professional categories that exist within the sector, the maritime industry. The total of around 400 sub-categories includes ship-owners, ship yards and repairers, provisioners, naval engineers, economists, insurers, charterers, and a long etc.

Maritime Law - Ship owners

This maritime lawyers’ forum seeks to be a specialist information and contacts platform for the maritime and shipping law sector and for the all maritime industry. It is a Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) group, which aims to make the legal sector of the maritime industry the launch pad for international maritime co-operation. It will link all countries to the maritime law sector at a world level (together within this English version).

We at invite professionals within the maritime legal sector to join in a first step towards a multi-site in English shared by the maritime legal community. You can join this embryonic Maritime Lawyers forum and, under the direction of Maritime Law professionals, you could post your articles in the main Shipping, Admiralty and Maritime Law Institutions and matters, in particular:

  • Construction of vessels
  • Sale and purchase of vessels
  • Registration of vessels and flagging
  • Charter parties (voyage, time and bareboat charters) and leasing of vessels
  • Passenger contracts
  • Port towing and transportation towing (ocean towing)
  • Salvage (special marine towing contracts)
  • Carriage of goods by sea contracts documented in bill of ladings or similar
  • Maritime and vessel safety (Pollution of the marine environment, National and international administrative sanctions (tariffs, pollution and other ship detention causes)
  • Seaworthiness and unseaworthiness of vessels within Maritime Shipping Law (Latent defects and fitness of vessels: seaworthiness, cargoworthiness and human factor)
  • Marine insurance and general average (P&I Clubs, Hull and machinery and cargo, Losses and other accidents specific to Maritime Shipping Law)

If you would like further information, go to Maritime Law Institutions page. Pease feel free to visit and navigate with calm this website,

We want that you participate in this project! Please, fell free to visit our Maritime Law News page.

By Maximiliano Navas

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